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Stainless steel is widely used in domestic appliances, construction industry, Food & Industrial applications for its corrosion resistance quality, Excellent surface finish, Hygiene and Heat resistance qualities.

Nickel, Chrome, Molybdenum are key elements of stainless steel and use of scrap is a necessary part of any production facility. Stainless steel has one of the highest recycling rate and thus contributes immensely to environment friendly efforts.

We offer regular & reliable supply contracts – both spot as well as long term, to the industry, sourcing from worldwide origins.

Material is supplied from our facility in Europe as well as direct shipment from various industrial accounts and yards with whom we work on regular basis and take full responsibility of performance, weights and quality.


The typical grades we offer on regular basis are:

Nickel Alloys

  • SS304

  • SS310

  • SS316

  • SS904

  • Duplex

Chrome Alloys

  • SS409

  • SS410

  • SS430

200 Series

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